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FIRST ARABIA Labor camp, catering & Services is one of the leading catering and related support services companies specialized in the field of Industrial camps, work sites and offices. In a just short period, ARABIAN catering & Services has become one of the well-known brand among the companies who wish to hire a catering contractor.

FIRST ARABIA Labor camp, catering & Services provide multinational highly qualified team to manage and operate the catering &other services on the demanding project. Considering the client requirement for the employees belong to numerous nationality, we serve colorful and tasteful multi ethnic food with balanced menu. Highly qualified management team in the field of hospitality and catering services is a key to short period success of the Arabian Catering & Services Co.

    • Labor Camps
    • Camp Catering Services
    • Camp Catering Services
    • Laundry Services
    • Camp Management Services
    • Kitchen Equipment Supply Services
    • Catering related Consultancy Services

First Arabia is one of the leading labor camp service provider in the Kingdom. We provide facilities for variety of worker and with games, Parks, recreational Centers, masjids and other facilities, Our Camps serve the needs of all people, irrespective of where they come from. From a health and safety point of view First Arabia look after our client and provide them with good facilities and basic needs, proper security in the camps. We ensure to maintain our camps to the highest standard. Luxury it may not be, but the overriding feeling is that the most important basic human needs of healthcare, hygiene, food, water and comfortable living conditions are well catered for, and we ensure workers living there are relaxed and happy

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